Microsoft 365 Licensing question

I am a personal user . I use Microsoft 365 Business (SMB) license for personal email for me and some family members living in different cities. I have set up my TailScale account using my M365 credentials. So far, so good. But one of my adult children is also interested in TailScale for unrelated use. but if she were to use her M365 credentials, I think TailScale would consider us a “company”. That would kick us into a paid license category. I there any way to keep us segregated even though we use the same M365 teneancy?

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I have a similar use case and thus far have resisted using M365 for authentication.


I think it would be easier for your daughter to just create a new gmail account for Tailscale use.

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If it’s unrelated then it should be easy enough to have them use a different account for their unrelated use, as suggested.