MagicDNS not working for shared nodes

Tailscale version: 1.18
Your operating system & version: Windows 11, Android

My family has two separate tailscale networks. We have shared devices across networks and enabled magicDNS. However, magicDNS is not generating DNS entries for the shared devices. Thus, they are not accessible by the full hostname.

The devices are accessible by tailscale IP, so I know that the sharing itself is working just fine. It’s just the DNS that does not seem to create entries for shared devices.

When I query the tailscale service for the list of DNS hostnames, I do not see any entries for shared devices.

Does anybody know what’s going on? Is this a bug or something that I’ve just failed to configure properly? My access controls are currently set as default.


Are you using the full tailscale domain name when trying? They look like [hostname].[user-domain]

When I share my work machine to my home tailnet, it would show up as

Yes I am using the full domain name. I even copy pasted it from the admin console to make sure it was correct. Also, when I run:

tailscale status -json | jq -r ‘.Peer[].DNSName’ | grep .

I only get my nodes and not the shared nodes.


If they don’t appear in tailscale status then I think there’s a deeper problem. Can you email and reference this thread? Please include tailnet ip addresses of one of the shared nodes, and one of the nodes on your other network.

Email has been sent! Thanks!