Shared Node - MagicDNS Search Domains

This is more a question I have as I am reading through the documentation, and I can’t quite seem to make sense of what I need to do.

On the sharing page, the following paragraph exists:

However, full MagicDNS names are cumbersome to type. Until we provide a more comprehensive solution, you can opt-in to using shortnames for shared devices by adding the MagicDNS name suffix to your networks search domains. In the above example, if you add to your search domains, any devices shared to you from the network will be reachable by their hostname, such as minecraft-server . If two names intersect, the name from your own network will win.

This seems to indicate that I should be able to add my domain+suffix as a search domain. To get some clarification, when you follow the link to figure out how to add a search domain, the DNS page says the following:

Previous versions of the DNS settings page allowed defining search domains separately from nameservers. However, due to cross-platform compatibility reasons, this is no longer possible. To define a search domain, you’ll need to add at least one nameserver along with it.

This does not do a great job of sharing how I should add the search domain to get this to work.

If I just use Google’s Public DNS and add a ‘restrict to search domain’ set to the domain+suffix of the shared node, would that work?

Any help would be appreciated!

For reference, here are the documentation pages I referenced:

After testing, this seems to work. However, I think a small clarification could be made in the Sharing Documentation Page suggesting that if one does not want to run their own nameserver, a public one will do.