Intermittent connection over public cellular (Verizon)

Hello, I get intermittent connection from a Windows 10 machine to a Raspberrry Pi with an LTE Cat M cellular connection, via Verizon. I have relocated the Rasp Pi machine to a location with stronger cellular strength, but the intermittency persists. How this is manifesting itself is If I putty to the Tailscale-assigned IP of my Rasp Pi machine, occasionally I cannot get a connection. Sometimes I do get a connection, am able to log into the remote Rasp Pi machine, but after typing a few commands I lose connectivity. The Tailscale machines portal always shows the Rasp Pi machine is “connected” during these failures. Sometimes I am unable to ping the Rasp Pi machine from my Windows 10 machine when there is intermittency, other times I am able to ping it. My Windows machine is connected to the internet via an Xfinity WiFi connection.

I have simply issued the following to bring up Tailscale on my Rasp Pi machine:
sudo tailscale up

i.e. I am not using exit mode, or SSH mode (even though I putty to the SSH / port 22 of my Rasp Pi).

Has anybody else experienced erratic or intermittent connections over cellular networks?