Tailscale on T-Mobile cellular is very slow

I’m basically having the exact issue posted about here - SSH over Tailscale works very slowly when on a T-Mobile cellular connection. It’s actually not just SSH, I’m also experiencing delays accessing a Samba share.

Has there been any progress on this at all?

We do not have any update on this issue yet. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeline for the same. As you subscribe to it, you will receive updates.

OK cool thanks, will keep an eye on the issue.

I’ve also noticed that using a Tailscale exit node while on cellular is a workaround for this - the delays with SSH & Samba shares go away.

Just had a look at that one. Very interesting. Will be watching that one closely.

This seems very similar to my issue of intermittency via Verizon public cellular network: Intermittent connection over public cellular (Verizon)