Gitops-pusher failing with an unhelpful error message

We use GitOps for Tailscale ACLs with a private Gitlab instance, following the instructions at GitOps for Tailscale ACLs with GitLab CI · Tailscale

This was working fine until Friday, but today our CI pipelines started failing with:

json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field of type main.ACLTestErrorDetail

(This error is from running gitops-pusher test. Surprisingly, even though gitops-pusher test fails, gitops-pusher apply succeeds.)

I notice that the pipeline succeeds if there are no changes to the actual policy, but any changes to the policy result in that error. Making the exact same change directly in the Admin console works, which makes me believe the actual error is not that the tests fail.

Is there a known issue with gitops-pusher test currently? If not, is there any way to get a better error message?

Note: I’ve checked and the API key we’re using for this is not expired.

Just to make sure, I created a new API key and got the same error.

By calling the API directly, I was able to figure out that the problem was that we had a group with an user who didn’t exist.

This didn’t cause errors before, but now results in the failure described above

Thank you. This saved me some debugging time.

I opened a bug report as IMHO the behaviour is wrong: we cannot prepare for new users in advance and also it’s inconsistent - test and apply should behave the same either way.