GitOps for Tailscale ACLs workflow runs but changes not reflected in Tailscale UI

I’ve set up the GitHub Workflow action to push ACLs to Tailscale. However, when I make changes to my policy file, the action appears to run successfully but I’m not seeing any updates in the Tailscale UI…

I pushed a first change to remove a comment but then, in case non-substantive changes were not reflected, made a change to a group name and membership too. Neither change has come across.

Hey @Campbell

I am experiencing the same. I haven’t had time to debug it fully, but I have the impression that an old version of the file in the repo is restored whenever the workflow is run.

I say this because if I do make a change in the UI and then make an update to the file in the github, I get the warning ‘file was changed externally’ in the workflow (which is correct) but then the file that is presented in the UI after the workflow ran is not the latest version.

Can you reproduce this?

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