Help Creating ACLs/Policy File

Hi there!

My company is going to be deploying Tailscale to some users here on our network. I come more from a support background and the formatting of the ACL is a bit confusing for someone from a non-programmer background. I was hoping someone here might be able to assist in formatting and creating an ACL based on some specs.

We will be deploying clients out to our India team. We will have a device here on our local LAN setup as a subnet router so they are able to access our LAN resources. I would like help in setting up the following:

Creating a group for our India team. They should not be able to make exit nodes or their nodes should not be authorized. Admins should be able to see all devices on the network.

They should not be able to see other users on the network, but still be able to access our subnet router and access resources on the LAN.

I am starting from a completely fresh ACL. Hoping I might be able to get some help.

Thank you! :slight_smile: