Forwarding port 443 from Public to Tailscale

I have a solution with openvpn that works (with ip-tables).
Can i do this scenario also with tailscale?
I would like forwarding port 443 from outside the vpn to a virtual machine on my proxmox.
I hope my picture is clear for understanding ;-).

Can anybody help me with the correct port forwarding rules with ip-tables on the VM@vultr?

Yes, this should work. Your Vultr vm should be able to make an https request to

You could also run tailscale directly on the VM, then Vultr would be able to access directly with the 100.x.x.x tailscale ip address.

Hi Jay,

i think you misunderstood me. I want that everybody from the whole internet can connect to my wiki.
So i must forward port 443 to my wiki server. Tailscale is running on vm@vultr (cloud Provider) and vm@home (subnetrouter@home).
My problem is that i dosn’t have a ipv4 adress at home, so i can’t forwarding a port at my homerouter. Is tailscale a solution for this problem?

How I would approach this is to have tailscale on the Vultr and home machines, and set up nginx on Vultr as a reverse proxy to http://100.x.x.x (your home tailscale ip)

You could also forward the port using iptables, but the solution for that would be more complex - you’d also need to route the return packets back through Vultr. It’s doable, and there is documentation available, but the reverse proxy strikes me as simpler to implement.