Exit node not working Android

So exit node troubles yet again. This seems to happen way too often. I had them (FINALLY!) working with Android on 1.24 and it appears 1.26 has broken them yet again. I used the ACL fix here: ACLs have no way to represent "allow user to use this exit node" without completely opening all traffic · Issue #1742 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

And magically the exit nodes that were never working on Android began working. But I notice weird behavior now. First, 1.26 broke them completely for Android devices. On iOS and Windows they work but speedtest.net fails on all platforms and the latency seems excessively high on all.

Maybe unrelated, but I’ve noticed that if I’m connected to Tailscale on my Galaxy S21, and then choose an exit node, sometimes it doesnt seem to take the first time. I have to turn Tailscale off and then back on. Likely an Android issue. Pure wireguard and OpenVPN connect and route pretty quick, Tailscale takes a second sometimes to figure it out.