Error looking up IP of "X": -- tailscale is stopped? Why?

I went for a walk, came back, went to SSH into my box again… and…

PS C:\Users\colem> gpgssh cole@$(tailscale ip --6 porty)
error looking up IP of "porty": lookup porty: no such host
ssh: connect to host  port 22: Connection refused

PS C:\Users\colem> tailscale status
Tailscale is stopped.
PS C:\Users\colem>

Oh, tailscale is stopped? … not in the task tray.

How do I troubleshoot?

Windows Service says it’s running…

Did… did it crash? :eyes: I have two tailscaled.exe running still…

tailscale up… has prompted me to login.

What… what happened here?

EDIT: And tailscale is still stopped even after authenticating.

Guess I’ll try to wait for a bit and see if anyone has troubleshooting steps.

Filed it: Windows: suddenly logged out, "tailscale is stopped", "tailscale up" and login doesn't fix it · Issue #3567 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub