Feature Request - New Device Notification

Is there a way to get notified if/when a new device gets added to your network? I would like to allow all of our users to use Tailscale but I don’t want to be responsible for authenticating each and every one.

However, if I turn off manual authentication don’t I run the risk of a rogue device being added? I think a good solution would be to get notifications of devices being added to your network. Is that possible?

We don’t have that functionality, but if you wanted to script something, you could start with:

tailscale status --json |jq -r '.Peer[].DNSName' | openssl md5 > tsstate.md5

to generate a hash of all of the hostnames on your tailnet. Then you can periodically run

tailscale status --json |jq -r '.Peer[].DNSName' | openssl md5 |cmp - ./tsstate.md5

to be notified if that has changed at all.

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