Does using Tailscale on my cell phone interfere with location services?

I’d like to try what’s outlined here to make my pi hole safely usable outside of my house on my phone / other mobile devices:

However, while I understand the “why” of Tailscale, I don’f fully understand the “how.” I derive a lot of value from the various location tracking things Google/other apps do like location history in maps, activity tracking of walking, lights on/off as I arrive/leave, etc. and while I assume most of this is handled using the GPS and accelerometer in the phone, I wonder if any of it happens to also rely on location derived from network connection. If so, then I would think that using Tailscale in this way would interfere with all the location tracking features I appreciate, because my phone might always think that I’m home?

Does anyone know if this is the case? I of course realize I could just try it and see - but thought I’d ask others first to see if anyone has insight!

Thank you!

Should not be an issue. Your phone will get location either from GPS or nearby WiFi access points, neither of which is affected by using a VPN.

Ok, great - thank you! I’ve set things up and am looking forward to not seeing ads when out of my house!