Does port forwarding work with tailscale ssh?

Hi, I recently got started with tailscale for moving a homelab setup over. I’ve absolutely loved it!

While messing with things, I tried to use port forwarding on the ssh connection and I seem to have received an error with it.

channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: port forwarding is disabled

specifically via

ssh -L 8101:localhost:8101 [user@host] -N

Does port forwarding work with tailscale ssh? It didn’t seem documented about whether or not it was supported on the ssh documentation (Tailscale SSH · Tailscale). There were references to port forwarding but only in the general brief on what ssh is.




I am also experiencing this on a business plan. Port forwarding is a massive part of what we use SSH for. I’ve also gone through the documentation and only found where the documentation says that it should work.

The same servers work immediately once Tailscale SSH is disabled.


I’m noticing the same thing. Would be great if port-forwarding was allowed with Tailscale SSH.