DNS not working correctly

tailscale status shows the other devices, and I’m able to reach them correctly via IP, but using dig @ HOSTNAME.TAILNET.ts.net doesn’t work (no answers, used as dns server).
Oddly enough, that does work on some other devices (in the same tailnet). It used to work, but after latest update and reboot dns stopped working.

Not that it should matter, but everywhere except endeavoros I use dnsmasq (as I need tailscale to work alongside consul).

EndeavorOS laptop - works (systemd-resovled) 1.38.2
Arch server 1 - works (networkmanager), 1.38.2
Arch server 2 - doesn’t work (nothing), 1.36.2
Arch server 3 - doesn’t work (nothing), 1.38.3
Ubuntu server - doesn’t work, 1.38.3

reboot seemed to have fixed it