DNS not working after tailscale install

Tailscale version 1.24.0
Your operating system & version Ubuntu 20

After i installed tailscale my DNS servers got set to and

I went to the tailscale console and set the public DNS to and That did not help.

I currently cannot resolve DNS on this server and do not know how to resolve it. and appear to be the DNS servers used by SoraCOM; is that your carrier?

SoraCOM is also using CGNAT within their network, which will conflict with Tailscale’s use of CGNAT. I think if you set Tailscale to “override local DNS” and supply anf as global resolvers, it should work. You may have to “tailscale down” on the Ubuntu server in order to let it get back to a working DNS config, and then “tailscale up” again.

Thanks!! IT is SoraCOM!!!

Overriding the DNS worked.