Can't start tailscale on any *nix Containers

Hello I have a cluster of Proxmox server, and there is no way to start tailscale process on any kind of containers.

tailscale up
Failed to connect to connect to tailscaled. (safesocket.Connect: dial unix /var/run/tailscale/tailscaled.sock: connect: no such file or directory)

It’s not completely obvious how to run Tailscale in a container, and unfortunately we don’t have any great documentation for this yet. It does work though! Here’s someone’s blog post that might help:

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Thank you. But docker it’s not the only container model virtualization.
I’m working with proxmox and xen…
Also some vps conf was migrated to LXC containers for less resource usages… containers are de facto powerful in production environments.

I replied a bit more on your previous about the same issue.

Is the solution to install Tailscale in Proxmox host or VM then? Will it not work in Proxmox container?

LXC containers by default do not have a /dev/net/tun device. This article explains how to allow /dev/net/tun to work inside the container: Tailscale in LXC containers · Tailscale

This article covers some more topics about use of Tailscale with Proxmox, including a gotcha about /etc/resolv.conf: Tailscale on Proxmox host · Tailscale