Can't connect by domain alias

Tailscale’s website says: “TLS certificates are only issued for those aliases.” I got a certificate for a domain alias. I got two files .key and .crt. The browser sees this certificate. But browser can’t connect with alias. Browser says: “We cant connect to the server at”. I can’t get a certificate for a direct domain name without an alias. 500 Internal Server Error: SetDNS “” => “EOx__N4_iumLyn-SJV4RmYaGRRxQUeEZqk2QbIkaqpM”: Post “”: connection attempts aborted by context: context deadline exceeded. Without the domain alias, there is a connection, but no certificate. Help me please!

The key and crt file need to be installed in whatever server software you’re running.

For Caddy there is an integration to handle it automatically: Use Caddy to manage Tailscale HTTPS certificates · Tailscale

For other server software, you need to install it manually and would need to consult the documentation or forums for that software.

There are no problems with installing the certificate. The problem is that the certificate is issued to a domain alias with which there is no connection. The browser does not see the domain alias. Conversely, the browser sees the direct domain, but it cannot be issued a certificate. What to do?

On the page Enabling HTTPS · Tailscale it is written: " You cannot obtain an HTTPS URL to navigate to a bare hostname, such as https://machine-name . If you obtain a TLS certificate for a node using MagicDNS, it will be accessible at both , using HTTPS, and also at http://machine-name , without HTTPS but using MagicDNS as a DNS nameserver." Why can’t my browser connect to a domain alias? What am I doing wrong?

Hello! Help me please. I can’t understand at all. Maybe there is a web page where the solution is written? I’m doing everything right, but I can’t. How can I connect to the Tailscale domain alias?

root@6122:~# nslookup

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN

root@6122:~# ping
ping: unknown name or service

Could you email please? There is no way to know what is happening based on seeing symptoms posted to the forum, someone needs to be able to look up your account and telemetry.

The basic problem is that with DNS search domains not being set for some reason.

Thanks a lot. Writing a letter. As a result, I can report in this forum.