Tailscale HTTPS Beta + Caddy2

Caddy v2.5.1
Tailscale version 1.24.2
Proxmox LXC - Debian 11

Evening, I’m new to all of this so please be gentle. I’m trying to access a Photoprism install with https:// over my tailscale network. I enabled MagicDNS and followed the instructions for the HTTPS beta. I have also installed Caddy 2.5 and set up a very simple reverse proxy so I can access Photoprism e.g.

machine-name.domain-alias.ts.net {
    reverse_proxy photoprism:2342

I’m using my machine-name.domain-alias where Photoprism is running and I generated the cert.

I had assumed that now when I visited machine-name.domain-alias.ts.net on another device connected to my tailscale that I would be shown the photoprism site with https but I just get “Unable to connect”. I’m assuming I’m missing a step or I’m totally misunderstanding. Can someone advise or point me in the right direction? Cheers

Issue was with Caddy, got it working with:

caddy reverse-proxy --from machine-name.domain-alias.ts.net --to