Cannot connect from one subnet to another

I have a kubernetes cluster provisioned in a hypervisor. I have a tailscale pod running that advertises the kubernetes subnet and also accepts routes. The subnet is I have tailscale setup to dns cluster.local to (internal kubernetes dns server)

I have pfsense (firewall/router) on a totally separate machine and have installed tailscale package in pfsense and also advertises the private network of the machines and vms on and accepts routes. I have tailscale setup to dns mydomain.local to (ip of pfsense and dns resolver)

The physical machines pfsense, xcp, nfs AND vms are all on the subnet

I have tailscale on my home pc out side of the physical network described above

When I connect from my pc to 192.168 subnet all works as expected. However when I try to connect from a machine on subnet, the tailscale log out put on the 192.168 subnet shows this: 2022/10/08 17:21:56 CreateEndpoint error for -> connection was refused Then service at that ip and port defiantly work as I have confirmed this. What would cause tailscale to output this error message. What is it really saying…who is refusing the connection?