Adding a subnet router with subnet that is in 100.x CIDR range

Tailscale version v1.36.0
Your operating system & version. Linux - docker image

Hi all,
I am trying to add a subnet router (running in Kubernetes), however the subnet has CIDR. I was wondering if this will be a problem since Tailscale also has 100.x.y.z range and if there is anyway around this problem.

Thank you

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Adding a little more context.
I tried disabling IPv4 and still was not able to route subnet (making sure that this CIDR is enabled on the subnet router in the admin console).

I see these logs in the router when ipv4 is enabled and trying to hit private ip:

2023/02/11 08:30:26 Accept: TCP{ >} 64 tcp ok
2023/02/11 08:30:26 netstack: could not connect to local server at dial tcp connect: connection refused

and when IPv4 is disabled I do not see any logs.

Running a traceroute when ipv4 is disabled shows that Tailscale is not resolving the IP and it is going through normal resolution and hitting the internet. I should also mention that I am on a MacOS client.