magic dns zone not resolving?

Tailscale version: 1.32.2
Your operating system & version: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

I noticed that DNS requests to my old magic dns zone are not resolving.

It appears when I request records in my zone from the request times out.
But when I request from I get an answer back.
This started happening around the 24/25th of October.
Is something broken with the old resolution?

The docs page says the old beta zone will be supported until November 2023, so it can’t be that I guess. MagicDNS · Tailscale

Your understanding is correct, if you have used in the past, it should keep working for the next year (this is tracked per-tailnet, if you create a new tailnet it will not have this behavior).

Can you generate a Tailscale bug report and include its ID so that we can investigate further?

Hi @mihai here is the bugreport ID:

Thank you for that. Our internal tools show that MagicDNS is disabled for your tailnet, can you check on the DNS settings in the admin console, enable it there, and see if things work better for you?

Hey thanks for the reply.

I have always had MagicDNS off because I am using a coredns container to handle my tailnet’s DNS, and if MagicDNS is turned on the is forced to be the 1st nameserver on all my devices.

I can assure you for more than 1 year that I am using this setup, if you forward DNS requests to for your tailnet’s zone you will get the correct response whether MagicDNS is switched on in the console or not.

In any case, I have just turned it on to test, and I still get the same behaviour. The old zone times out when queried and the works.

Thanks for clarifying. Since MagicDNS was not on for your tailnet, it did not get the “keep names working” flag when we did the migration to ones.

While we can manually add that flag now, you’ll need to change to names next year either way, would you consider switching to them now?

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah no worries, I have already switched to the new tailnet names in my coredns setup.