Best way to setup and how?

Tailscale version: 0.1.3_1 (pfSense Package)
Your operating system & version: 23.05-RELEASE (amd64) built on Mon May 22 15:04:36 UTC 2023 FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT


I’m new to Tailscale and struggling to understand the best way to set this up…

My current setup is pfSense with multiple vLANs/Subnets as follows:
vLAN1 - Management
vLAN5 - NoT Devices
vLAN10 - IoT Devices
vLAN15 - Guests
vLAN20 - DNS Servers
vLAN25 - Outbound VPN 1
vLAN30 - Outbound VPN 2
vLAN35 - Dedicated to another house
vLAN40 - Spare
vLAN50 - Dedicated to someone
vLAN200 - Web Server

All vLANs are locked down to their own except for the management vLAN1 which has access to all other vLANs and all vLANs also have access to the DNS servers on the DNS vLAN20.

I also have a default IP address that is allocated to pfSense from my ISP but an additional /29 used for the web server and a static IP address allocated to everything else on all vLANs outbount.

Now I have setup pfSense as an exit node but what I don’t understand is why devices using it are not using the dedicated IP address and it’s some random IP public address I don’t recognise?

Also, how do I assign specific devices to specific vLANs. For example, if I want my laptop to be allocated to vLAN1 when it connects so it gets access to all other vLANs? And assign another device to vLAN35 so it’s restricted to that vLAN?

Thanks for any help.