Pfsense Tailscale Nextcloud tunnel

Hi Everyone,

I have searched and have not been able to find an answer, hoping for a nudge in the right direction.

I use pfsense as my firewall, with vlans and DNS resolver to point back to local nginx proxy manager for all servers and docker containeres.

Vlan 5 is for Cellphone-type traffic

I have a docker/portainer server on VLAN 5 running nextcloud as well as other services and nginx to point to all that.

  1. If i setup tailscale on pfsense and add vlan 5 in routing i cannot access Nextcloud on my android client no matter what I try, including using pfsense as an exit node.

  2. if I setup as separate Tailscale directly in the docker/portainer/nextcloud server and advertise vlan 5 as well as route i can access the nextcloud but only by using this server as exit node. Just connecting to Tailscale without exit nodes allows me to access everything else except for Nextcloud. (including other services and Nginx reverse proxy manager)

I’ve added tailscale Ips as well as straight to Nextcloud config file but still no luck.

I’d like to be able to access nextcloud without using an exit node…

Any help with what I"m doing wrong?

Thanks so much!