Auto update for Windows?

I can’t seem to find a way for clients on Windows to auto update. Is this possible?

So far I am downloading the update and installing it to update.

I’m also just updating all my nodes manually, when a new version comes out. I was wondering about auto updating, and for Windows I found this covering issue.

It’s definitely a missing feature in the client.

However if you are installing via Choco, or a similar cli package tool, you could use a script in a scheduled task to check for new versions and install the update fairly easily.

Relying on Windows InTune, although it sometimes picks disruptive times to update.

After posting this question, I found that “winget.exe upgrade tailscale.tailscale” might work. It’s built into Windows. There haven’t been any updates yet though to try it for sure.

The only real issue with it is that the 1st time you use that command you have to answer a prompt, but after that, it seems to be somewhat automated.

the above command worked fine for the 1.34.2 update.