Installing tailscale on a remote windows Pro

How can I run the Tailscale on a windows pro remote machine without storing my login in the web browser

here is what i did

  1. installed the Tailscale
  2. ran the following from the command prompt

tailscale up --authkey:tsk-12345 --unattended

how can I make this permanent so that next time the computer boots the system is connected to Tailscale vpn aromatically.

Do i have to create a batch file and put in a starup leaving the authkey exposed or is there a better way ?


Unless that auth key is an ephemeral auth key, Tailscale should stay logged in on that machine until the node key expires and it has to be reauthorized. You can set a key to never expire in the admin panel, though.

Thanks for the reply, the key has no expiry,
i ran this command
tailscale up --authkey:tsk-12345 --unattended
the tail scale was connected, next I rebooted the system, i get a message

“Tailscale authentication needed”
I am missing some thing

Tailscale unattended on windows has been broken for quite some time. The near last comment on Windows Server Core cannot startup Tailscale · Issue #2137 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub has some suggestions.

Since you are using a desktop OS you must login and use the GUI tools to setup unattended. installing the msi and configuring via script or remote shell is what’s broken; it needs that gui tool to run to store the settings.