Android Client disconnects when screen rotates

Hello all,
For some reason when my Android phone screen rotates the VPN goes from “Active” to “Stopped”.

Android: v11
Phone: Samsung S20+
Provider: T-Mobile

It happens every single time. I am unsure how to stop this from happening. When I am looking at a video from my Plex server, the video switches the screen orientation and stops the vpn, preventing playback.

I got an update to Tailscale late Feb and it seemed to fix it. Then tried again today (haven’t used it in a while) and it is back.

It is not just when I am viewing a video, if I am in the Tailscale app itself, and rotate the screen, the VPN stops.

Thanks you for any help. :slight_smile:


We have logged the GitHub issue for the same; please add more information if you have and subscribe to it for future updates.

Thank you,

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Following up: please try upgrading to the latest security patch as described in the issue, as this resolved the problem for another user who encountered it.

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