Alternatives to Tailscale

Does anybody have any recommendations for a good VPN with two factor support? I was hoping to use Tailscale, but it’s now been a week since I’ve tried to sign up. Despite numerous efforts, they don’t respond. I can’t buy it without admin console access and I just need something with two factor ASAP. Thanks!

You may be missing something, Tailscale uses YOUR auth source, which I would assume by your description of needing MFA has MFA. For example, we use Office365 which enforces the MFA, the other methods they list also support MFA. They do not hold any login info within their environment.

review this page

Thanks for the reply. What I mean is that when I log in to tailscale using my O365 account, I am told:

“You don’t have access to the admin console.”

I’m the global admin on the O365 account. Tailscale doesn’t seem to recognize that.

Have you written to support@ ?

If somebody else in your organization is currently in a trial we can connect you two or have you take it over if it’s gone idle.

I just looked and don’t see any email related to this. Where did we not reply?

No. I used the contact form on the site for support. I would think it sends it to that email or a similar one. Then a few days later after no reply, I tried the contact form for sales.

Nobody else is using it. I’ll try emailing support. Maybe there is an issue with your contact forms.