502 error on login.tailscale.com

We have some users unable to log in and receiving a 502 error on the OAuth response.
We use Google as our SSO authentication provider.
Users are selecting to log in from the app, and the tailscale login page is appearing in a browser.
The choose the Google SSO button and sign in to their Google account. They complete the MFA step but upon redirecting back to login.tailscale.com they are presented with a 502 error.
We have tried this with multiple browsers and used a private window.
On all occasions for those three users they are unable to login.
Existing users have tried to log out and log back in again and they have not had an issue.
Two of the users unable to log in have not used Tailscale before but one of them has. We’ve also attempted to invite one of the users from the admin page but that did not fix the issue and he was still unable to log in.

We’ve recently switched to a paid plan and we are wondering if there’s an error when adding a new user when that is active? But I am not certain this is the case as the admin page has allowed us to add a user by inviting them. They just can’t log in.

Anyone else seeing an issue? I know there’s another forum post with a 502 error from Azure so I am wondering if there’s a wider issue with the log in process. But it’s working for other users so it’s not a major outage.

This now appears to have been fixed thanks to Michael and the rest of the team. Thanks everyone.

What were root cause and solution?

They did not mention. Seeing as it was their error and not mine I didn’t need to change or fix anything. They would be in a better position to clarify.