Use Tailscale as web proxy


I have a web service which is available at 123.456.789.0/32 and can be reached only from a specific IP address. I have a server running Tailscale in a network which uses this IP address (node A). I would like to use this server to route all traffic to that web service through.

I thought that routes where the way to go, but after failing repeatedly, I have some doubts. I tried running tailscale up --advertise-routes= 123.456.789.0/32 on Node A and activating the route in the machine’s settings. But this resulted in the service being unavailable from all my other nodes.

I don’t want to operate an exit node as I want Node A to handle only traffic for the web service.

I am not very experienced with network configuration – as someone who is can probably tell – but I would greatly appreciate your help.

Node A is a VM running Ubuntu with macOS 11 as host.

I realize that this is not the real ip address of your web service. But if it ends in .0/32 that could be the problem.

The --advertise-routes option should work according to your description here. You will need to --accept-routes on each client that you want to be able to use that route. On a GUI operating system, it’s in the menu under Preferences/Use Tailscale Subnets

Thank you for your reply, Jay. I tried it with 123.456.789.0/24 as well but without any success either. Now I tried again and miraculously, everything works. I don’t quite know what I missed the first time.