Unable to reauth expired key

I am using the free version of Tailscale to communicate with a few remote PC . All are connected and work fine. Now I see that one of the machines key has expired. I can not find a way looking at the Admin console to reauth the key. As one suggestion from the community, I right clicked on the … at the right end of the expired machine listing. However there was no reauth option.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Bob W

Same issue here. All my Tailscale hosts were unable to renew the keys. I ended up manually reauthenticating each host, but now they can no longer talk to each other. They show connected in Tailscale admin console but e.g. ping doesn’t go through. Various OSes involved.

EDIT: Ok, the connection problem was due that re-authentication lost the tags from the hosts, and my tag-based ACL seized working.