Unable to connect to MySQL DB hosted on OCI

Hello Team,

We have installed Tailscale on our local machine and also installed it on an instance hosted on OCI based on the recommended document https://tailscale.com/kb/1149/cloud-oracle/?q=Oracle

We have maintained the setting for UDP in Ingress and also maintained Egress rules based on the this document

We are able to ping to other machine install locally, but unable to ping to MySQL DB from outside. We tried to deploy our application locally to connect to the MySQL but receiving a connection error. We are unable to progress on this issue, MySQL doesn’t allow to communicate with MySQL DB from outside, how do we resolve it based on Tailscale claim that we can connect to DB hosted on a Cloud.

We want to resolve this first from local machine and then use the Gitpod to connect to hosted DB on the cloud. We could not find any blog which has a sample.

Any help will be really helpful.

If you’re able to ping the machine using it’s tailscale ip address (100.x.y.z) but not able to connect to the service, I’m guessing that the port (probably 3306) is not available.
This could be a firewall rule or it could be MySQL not listening on the tailscale0 interface

check your mysqld.conf for the bind address line - if it’s set to then that’s your problem. You should have the tailscale ip included there.

Hello Jay,

Thanks for the inputs, we will try this and let you know the outcome.