Two-server userspace networking


I’m trying out the new userspace networking capabilities on a host where I don’t have any root permissions. It works quite well to connect from other devices where I have tailscale installed as root, and that’s already wonderful, thank you.

But now suppose I want to connect two hosts with userspace networking ? For example, I have a server with MLFlow ( installed behind firewalls, and I have another server where I train models and that should send the results to the first server. Is there a way to get this to work ? I understand why I can’t just connect both without doing some configuration, but can I modify a (python) program to use a particular networking solution ?

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Tailscale version : 1.6.0
Your operating system & version : linux, ubuntu 18.04 and centos 7.8

That’s what the new SOCKS5 proxy built in to tailscaled (behind a new flag) is for. It lets you do outbound Tailscale connections with userspace tailscaled.

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That works, thanks !