Tailscale offline & idle at the same time - normal?

Tailscale version: 1.34.0
Your operating system & version: Windows 10

I have some nodes in not so easy to access location that are showing offline and idle at the same time:

100.xx.yy.zz nvidia-shield @ android idle; offline, tx 2960 rx 0
100.zz.yy.xx my-fire-tv @ android idle; offers exit node; offline

If they were powered off wouldn’t they just show offline? I have some nodes that are powered off and shows just offline:

100.aa.bb.cc acer-laptop @ windows offline

Does anyone know why the above two are showing as offline and idle?


Now it seems to have cleared up:

100.xx.yy.zz nvidia-shield @ android idle, tx 1694419532 rx 54960756
100.zz.yy.xx my-fire-tv @ android idle; offers exit node

Any idea why it was showing idle and offline at the same time?