Taildrop Web Access?

With the release of Tailscale SSH in the browser, do you think there’s any possible way to re-use some of the work there to make Taildrop work through the browser, as in, I can send someone a file through my tailnet to their browser using an ephemeral node? It could work like Firefox send if you’re familiar with that.

Just came across a case where I needed to send my sister a not-so-small set of files that wouldn’t fit on my Google Drive space, and I’m probably just going to end up using a Caddy file_server to get the files to her.

I know there’s all sorts of UX and security things to keep in mind (especially sending someone what is essentially a URL that could access your tailnet!), but this would be a killer feature to allow easier file sharing. The security implications alone probably kill this idea, but just wondering if anyone else has thoughts.

Very Respectfully,