Taildrop on Synology

I’m having trouble sending files to my Synology NAS with Taildrop. I’ve created the Taildrop folder and made sure the tailscale account has read/write access along with restarting the Tailscale service but when sending a file from my phone it gives the check mark that the file was sent but I’m unable to see it on the NAS. I’m able to ping the Tailscale IP of the NAS so it is reachable but not sure what else to check?

Make sure you’re running Tailscale release 1.18.3 or 1.20.x, which means sideloading from GitHub - tailscale/tailscale-synology: Synology packages for tailscale.com
The version in the Synology Package Center does not have support for the Taildrop folder yet.

From a shell, does “tailscale file get .” retrieve the files you sent? If so then the Taildrop directory has still not been recognized, maybe reboot the whole Synology.

Sideloading it from the GitHub packages got it working. Thank you!