Taildrop from macOS to linux - transfer fails

Trying to Taildrop a file from a macOS machine to a linux machine, the macOS Taildrop UI shows the progress indicator filling up all the way, then it hangs for a bit, and then fails with an exclamation mark icon. A macOS notification then pops up:

Failed to share with Linux Machine. Reconnect Linux Machine to Tailscale and try again.

The linux machine is definitely connected & otherwise working well with Tailscale, so this message seems to be not quite right.


We have tested this with 1.8.7 release of Tailscale and it works. Can you please share your Tailscale IP details and ‘tailscale bugreport’ when the issue reproduced? PLease send these details on support@tailscale.com

Thanks very much, have emailed with details.