Tags keep being deleted

I have many devices on my Tailscale account using tags. every couple days, the tags go missing on a random device. Has anyone else seen this?

Have you checked the log in Admin Console? Any ACL Tag changes + timestamp should be reflected there.

good suggestion. I see 2 entries for each event I know of. But, I am unsure what they mean.

Here is one example:

Targets were the same. The ‘Actor’ in the bottom section (whited out) doesn’t own the tag, so shouldn’t be able to do anything with it (that’s my understanding at least).

The red and green is the diff (old and new value). It seems that the most recent action was adding the tag.

I am not using a multiuser setup, hence I can only suggest to review the tagOwners definition. E.g. is the tag owner an user or another tag(if so, who owns that tag)? Including the role of the other actor? Owners and (Network) Admins can change a tag from the admin console, without being defined as tag owner.