Add ACL Tags not available?

OK, so I am new to this and I have been banging my head against the old proverbial wall now for some time.

Where is the option to add tags? Then I can add those tags to added machines.

Then I can update the ACL Policy file with those tags.

But for the life of me…I see no videos or any walkthrough of where to go to add a few tags to the system and then add those to the machine.

I tried the adding by the cli but I get that it is not allowed.

is the web gui not have an option to add tags to select them? everything is grayed out when I go into the machine to “edit acl tags” so I can’t even add one?

Take a look to the kb docs specifically the section on how to add tags.

Here is the relevant part:

Before you can assign a tag to a device, you have to create the tag in the tailnet policy file, and define who can use that tag.

Once you add the tags to the policy file (you can do so via the UI) they will be available for you to use with your nodes.



AHH…ok…that makes sense. I read that a few times before and didn’t understand.

Sometimes one needs someone to spell it out. That is a huge help!

thank you very much!

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For others who may find this: My understanding of the relevant Tailscale docs is:

  1. The process for defining an ACL tag is to specify that tag’s ownership in your tailnet’s policy file. Thus the creation of a tag and specification of that tag’s ownership is an atomic operation.
  2. Although it is necessary to explicitly state ownership of a tag, the count of owners for a given tag can be zero.