Ssh locked out (help)

Hi There,

I was using this article to restrict ssh access via only tailscale network.

Everything was perfect and running smoothly for the past couple of months. I double confirmed that I was able to ssh even if the machine was restarted after a power failure or a manual reboot operation.

I had to install some packages on my Ubuntu machine as part of housekeeping, and after that did a manual reboot. Now the problem is, I no longer able to SSH into the machine. I can confirm that the machine and services are back up, since some of my services are accessible from the internet.

I suspected that the tailscale was killed after reboot, but seems not the case. I verified that the device s online on my tailscale dashboard and the last seen is getting updated.

I can’t access the device physically to see what’s going on, but seems like I locked myself now. Does anybody know what can I do now?

EDIT: Exit node is neither working, however can confirm that the device status is connected from the dashboard.