Setting up a subnet

hen setting up a subnet router on rasberry pi, i am not sure what to do with the following
Replace the subnets in the example above with the right ones for your network. Both IPv4 and IPv6 subnets are supported.

could someone give me clarification or better still an example please?

This is too broad of a question to answer. Can you give more specifics on what you are trying to do? On a typical home router, let’s say the IP address is, then typically the subnet would be But that is not always the case. a /24 subnet has a subnet mask of A /25 subnet would have a On Windows, you can do an ‘ipconfig’ in a cmd window to find out what your subnet mask is.

With all of the above said, what are you actually trying to do? Is it for an office, a home setup, a bridge between a home and office, etc. And why do you need the subnet router? Do you have a large network you are trying to access? For instance, I have a subnet router for my office that advertises multiple subnets because there are too many computers to install tailscale on all of them.

The more details we get, the better we can help.