Raspberry Pi 3 as a Subnet Router?

Hey there, Tailscalers! :wink:

I wanted to set up a Talscale Subnet Router at home and wanted to know if a Raspberry Pi 3 would be sufficient to run as a Subnet router. I also have Raspberry Pi 4 but would prefer to use it for something else if the RPi3 is capable enough.


I’ve got a Pi3 as a subnet router & exit node running Raspbian. Works without issue

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Thanks for your feedback. I was going to set up an RPi4 as a Tailscale Subnet Router but since the RPi3 is fine I’ll just use that instead. The RPi4 can be used for another more intensive application. :slight_smile:

Quick questions from me on the same topic

  1. Is it 3B+or just the 3? Would the B+ offer any advantage?
  2. How do you folks power it? micro USB, PoE with Pi Hat or PoE splitter?



No difference unless you’re using it as an exit node, the 3 will potentially give you less throughput than the 4.

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Thanks :pray:. Nope just as a subnet router. All very new to me I’m assuming I can just install Pi lite version too, I will run it headless 8000 miles away, just to get past CGNET. My Router there doesn’t do Tailscale. I’m currently using Wireguard with a static Ip.