Rsync over ssh slow 2 orders of magnitude slower

Related to this issue: Rsync over ssh slow, not sure if I should have just replied on there.

I have an instance in Lambda Labs ( On the lambda labs instance I ran an ephemeral tailscale node with --ssh. Doing rsync from my computer to the ephemeral node using the tailscale IP address gave me a data transfer rate of anywhere from ~16KB/s to 1.5MB/s (high variance). Average around 400KB/s?

Doing rsync using the public IP + the provided SSH key gave me a data transfer rate of ~ 70mb/s.
Anyone know what’s going on here? Mostly, I’m wondering if I did something wrong since it’s about 2 orders of magnitude slower.

Can be it can’t connect directly and is working using a relay. Check if there is direct connection.