Route only subset of traffic through exit node

How would you send only a portion of traffic through an exit node?

Supposed I have 2 computers

  • PC1 (exit node on home network)
  • PC2 (laptop).

PC1 is acting as an exit node on my home network.

I want PC2 to use PC1 as an exit node, but only for a subset of traffic (e.g. a single web browser).
I do not want to send all traffic from PC1 through the exit node.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Use tailscale as socks5/http proxy using userspace networking mode. This is more intended for docker containers and isn’t exactly what I’m looking for
  2. Subnet router: This appears to be more indended for devices where I can’t install tailscale.

Has anyone else done something similar, or have ideas how I could accomplish forwarding traffic from just 1 application (like chrome) to an exit node?

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+1 to this question but in a slightly different form:

I’m trying to integrate two networks and an app running on one of them. The app needs to talk to a address AND send all other traffic through the exit node in the other network (the public IPs in the other network are whitelisted). Is there a flag or feature with exit nodes that make this possible?