Exit Node Clarification

Despite reading the documentation, I still have a question about Exit Node as one description only describes devices without the TailScale client – which is not my issue. If I designate one PC as the Exit Node, will any other node on the network route its Internet-facing requests through that node? I don’t want split tunneling where every device goes directly to the internet – I want all traffic to go out the single PC that I designate as the exit node. Is that how Exit Node works or is it only designed to allow PC’s without the Tailscale client to get to the other Tailscale PC’s on the intranet?


It can work either way - the default is a split tunnel with just point to point between the TS nodes. If you set up an exit node and set the clients to use it, then all their traffic will route that way and you’ve got a full VPN (other than the encrypted tailscale traffic, obviously).