Public DNS resolvers when using an exit node

Tailscale version: Not applicable, but most of my devices are on 1.17.x now.
Your operating system & version: Not applicable.

I use pihole (Raspberry Pi) as my DNS resolvers on Tailscale at the moment, but I am wondering if there is a way to set public DNS resolvers (like Cloudflare, Google, Quad9) when using exit nodes. Would restrict to search domain help in any way?

You mean, switch to using public DNS resolvers when using an exit node and use the pi-hole when not using the exit node? There isn’t a function to dynamically change DNS servers built into Tailscale, no.

A common situation is to install Tailscale on the Pi-hole. Even while using an exit node, Tailscale IP addresses are reachable. So the Tailscale IP of the Pi-hole can be used in all cases. Access a Pi-hole or Raspberry Pi from anywhere · Tailscale

Thanks @DGentry. That’s precisely my setup today. Would dynamic switching of DNS be coming in the future?

As some additional context, when I use an exit node in another country (say Canada, I am from India), I am hoping to use a DNS resolver close to that node instead of using my pihole at home. It’s not a pressing concern, I am just curious.