Nmap using Tailscale on VPS/AWS EC2

Tailscale version: 1.30.2
Your operating system & version: Windows 11

I set up a tailscale connection between my host windows machine and a AWS EC2 so that I could use my AWS EC2 Virtual Private Server to scan my local LAN. I hoped that by using a tailscale connection, I could VPN in to my local LAN from my VPS to scan the devices on my host private network.

However, while the two devices are connected, the VPS can’t seem to access my private network and the ips associated on it. Is this just a limit of networking or can I fix this with tailscale?

Thank you!

Image 1: Nmap scan on local network, host is up

Image 2: Nmap scan on AWS with tailscale installed on both (and ping verified)