Mounting an unRAID share on a Synology NAS via Tailscale

Tailscale version 1.30.2-300027 (Synology) - unknown version number on unRAID as I don’t know how to find the version number via docker container

Your operating system & version - DSM 7.1.1-42962 Update 3, unRAID Version 6.11.5 2022-11-20

I have my unRAID server here in NC that is connected to Tailscale.

There is a Synology 1522+ in NY that I have connected via Tailscale.

My goal is to mount an unRAID share onto the UI of Synology such that the unRAID share is visible in the Synology File Station application. I have done extensive googling of this particular problem, but cannot find the appropriate documentation on if it is possible. There are hundreds of posts about how to mount a Synology share to unRAID - and I explicitly do not want that. I specifically want (and need) the unRAID share to appear on the Synology File Station side.

Synology has built-in support for CIFS and NFS, as does unRAID. However, I believe that unRAID is not configured correctly or I have not adjusted a setting such that it will not allow me to access shares via SMB except to Windows machines. The credentials I am supplying the Synology are the same that I use for Windows. Every time it comes back with:

“Failed to connect to the remote folder. Please make sure the remote server is accessible via CIFS protocol”

I’m really hoping that this is even possible, as it seems like right now I’m going to have to spin up a WedDAV docker container just to give the sharing capability that unRAID is supposed to have already built in.

Am I missing a setting? Or can you not use SMB via Tailscale with unRAID?

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I found this thread after running into the exact same issue.

Have you found a solution for this?

Please advise.