Logfile location(s) for embedded/lightweight systems

Is there a standard location for logging that both tailscaled and tailscale use? Is it (correctly) /var/log/daemon.log?

It seems that some state information is kept in /var/lib/tailscale/ . What is the purpose of the tailscaled.log.conf tailscaled.log1.txt tailscaled.log2.txt files therein?

What is the intended/expected location of logs on embedded systems, or systems that are not using systemd?

Logs from tailscaled appear in journalctl -u tailscaled

Telemetry to upload is buffered in /var/lib/tailscale/files.
/var/lib/tailscale/tailscaled.log.conf is the logId for the telemetry being uploaded, every node generates a random ID.

tailscaled.log1.txt and tailscaled.log2.txt are not used any more, though still present as tailscaled handles being updated from the very old versions which did. Nowadays they’ll always be empty.