Issues pinging Linux laptop in a network that has subnet router enabled

I have never experienced this before. I have a location where one of my servers also has been setup as a subnet router. (–advertise-routes

Laptop -

Smartphone -

I noticed that when I tried to ssh from my phone to my laptop I would get a timeout, but I was able to ping/ssh any other device on the network. After thinking about it I noticed that my laptop is the only device that used the --accept-routes flag. BUT…when I turned that off and just did a simple tailscale up, I still could not ping to the laptop from another device. Any idea why this could be happening?

Just need some clarification. Your phone is in the same network as the subnet router but the laptop is on a different network? Is the laptop and smartphone both running the tailscale client?

No both devices are on the same network. I figured it out. I had to use the --reset flag.

So when a device is using the --accept-routes flag, you cannot ping it with its local ip, you have no choice but to use the tailscale ip. Bit of a flaw imo.

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I was not aware of that, good to know. thanks!